When the Word Legacy Raises Your Expectations

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My blogger friend Manar posted a note that says that it’s never too soon to start building your legacy. However, usually when one thinks about legacy they think about starting the next Google(or Apple)-like company or writing the next Harry Potter series. There’s nothing wrong with having such ambitions, yet let’s be practical, not a lot of people get to reach to the top of the ladder because it’s difficult, and because if everybody did then it wouldn’t be the top anymore, as that position is usually defined (whether financial or socially) by the relative position of everybody else (i.e. if everybody was above-average then that’s the new average).

However, today’s average person is given lots of opportunity to leave their legacy behind, even if it is not remembered by millions of people. It could be remembered by a handful few. Take the mother who stays up to nurse her sick child, and makes him hot chocolate whenever he wants to study. Take the teacher who is verbally attacked by students who think that it’s ‘cool to disrespect him’, and yet he wakes up every morning hoping he will inspire someone – anyone.

If you think about it who we are is defined by a countless of unsung heroes around us. They may never leave a manuscript for the world to read, but the fact that their teachings have somehow found a place in our hearts and in our lives makes us proof of their legacy. And with technology a part of our daily lives, a person can reach out to others even if they are not within his geographic vicinity.

Yes, the word legacy raises your expectations. It makes you think that you need to build a million dollar foundation to cure cancer but all you could do is impact the life of even one person in a way that they will always remember you and by that you would have built yourself a mini-legacy.



Don’t Be Perfect, Just…

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It’s been a while since I blogged, so as I sit here having my yoghurt with honey, I thought of posting one of those random ramblings just in case something useful comes out. One thing about bloggers is that when they take a hiatus, one thought keeps nagging at the back of their minds, “You haven’t written in two weeks, so your next post must be WOW! It must ROCK!” That thought puts more pressure on them and naturally extends their break, because whatever they write – or half-write – isn’t good enough for a post, and so they’d rather not publish it. I have to admit that I can be guilty of that as well. But one way to face the resistance is to just aim at publishing a bad post. Not horrible. Aim for mediocre. Just don’t aim for perfect. That way you’ll break the hiatus, overcome inertia and -hopefully – gain momentum.

I guess this is today’s message. From the short length of this post to its incomplete title, my message is, “Don’t be perfect, just try your best and you’ll be surprised.”

Did you enjoy UAE’s weather last weekend?


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“There was something about resonance that bridge my two worlds and brought them together. In physics, resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate with a greater amplitude at some frequencies than at others. It explains phenomena like glass breaking at the right – or not – pitch. Electrical resonance explained how radio frequencies can be selectively received.

The concept of resonance was so simple yet so powerful. Push a swing at its natural frequency and it oscillates at its maximum and you have a happy child. Resonance also explains my love for writing – and reading. Do yo sometimes read a book and find that one line that resonates with the beats of your heart, and you figure, “Yes, maybe it was this one line that I had to go away with.”

And there are times when I write and I know  my words will shake someone somewhere, because that’s exactly how I felt when I was writing them. All I needed was someone whose “natural frequency” was similar to mine.

Shadows and Light

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“A certain darkness is necessary to see the stars.” 
Appreciate the role of challenges in your life, as they are not there to crush you completely. They are there to help you grow, to let the light within you shine, as darkness creeps in. Everybody experiences dark moments every once in a while. It’s a natural way of life. To fully appreciate joy, pain must be felt. To truly appreciate success, one has to fall a couple of times…or more. Ask a child who keeps on falling over and over again before they can properly walk. They teach us that, “Failure is not falling down; failure is staying down when you have the choice to get back up.”