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Imagine if Kabshoo was a marketer who was asked to make a billboard with directions to the slaughterhouse…

Parking Crisis!

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Have you noticed how creative Abu Dhabi car drivers are in finding parking space nowadays? They see potential for a parking space, where others see nothing. The question nowadays is not whether the parking is legal as much as it is, whether there is space for another car to pass.

And sometimes there isn’t space for another car to pass and yet people park anyway, and one might find themselves reversing for a long way because of a bottleneck created by such a parked car.

However, people need to start thinking consciously about where they park their cars, because they can make it really unsafe for other drivers and pedestrians alike. Do you know how many cars come to a screeching halt because a child jumps out of nowhere in front of them? And one realizes that the problem is not just with the hurried child, but also with the parked cars that reduce a driver’s view of the road.

Presented below are a classification of the types of parking spaces there are in the region. Pictures are used for illustration purposes only.

The Attracted-To-Pavement Parkings

These are the parked cars that can be found along pavements and around corners.

A lovely car parked in a so-not-lovely place

The above car was parked at a main road’s exit (going right). This particular location was already a blind corner, due to a construction site’s fence (can’t be seen in the photo) that limited pedestrians’  view of the main road, so a pedestrian could not tell early if a car was coming or not. Now add this parked car, and it exacerbates the problem for drivers who want to take the exit, and you can only imagine what happens if you have the following equation:

Pedestrian taking a risk+Parked car+Two cars taking the exit side by side =

*screeeeeeeeeeeeeching tires*

Another example for Attracted-To-Pavement Parkings

The Nu9 Kom Parkings

Now there’s someone who seems a bit frugal with parking space. It’s as if they’re sending a message; why take the whole parking and waste, when you could half-park and save space behind you?

When Nu9-Kom parkers go to extreme measures

The Take-The-Stop-Sign-Literally Parkings

Seriously, if you’re a driver, that stop sign over there is telling you to stop and watch for oncoming cars as you’re entering another road. You’re not supposed to take it literally, stop completely, kill the engine and park?!

Reflect-The-Centerline-Road-Mark Parking

These are the cars that usually park in the middle when you have two-directional flow of cars, and if you think that one column of parked cars is bad enough, sometimes you’ve got two as shown below.

The On-Pavement Parking

The drivers who park this way make it not surprising for someone to find such a sign in another area of the city…

*Why? What does the sign say?*

A Closer Look

The Jungle Parkings

"It's a jungle out there!"

Jungle parkings have cars that are so tightly packed that if one thinks of parking there, someone else’s advice may be, “Don’t park there, it’s a jungle out there.” The cars are packed so tightly together that one wonders how these cars got in in the first place, because cars seem to be blocking each other. But Jungle parkings show how tragedies and crises tend to bring people together, because after some experience of calling the same people to come and remove their cars, one learns to recognize a friend/neighbour’s car and may say, “Oh, that’s just a friend’s car. I’ll block them, and later on they can call me.”

Which, by the way, just adds to the Jungle Parking crisis.

Empty Space?!!

If you find an empty space in a highly-populated area at an unlikely time, don’t get overexcited, because maybe;

1.It’s not yours unless the sticker on your car says otherwise.

2. It’s bogus. We call those the “too-good-to-be-true” parkings. For example, you are driving around, and you see a huge black GMC car, and it seems that the space right next to it is empty, and you get all excited, just to discover a tiny Mini cooper or Beetle car in that space, and you hadn’t seen it because it’s petite and it was hiding behind the larger car.

3.You don’t need it. And those are the parking spaces you see when you’re on your way out. And it’s quite interesting how some of us seem to have developed Pavlovian conditioning to parking spaces. For instance, you’d see the reverse lights of a car, and suddenly you get excited that you want to park, just to remember that you don’t need it, or maybe you’re on foot!


But parking problems are not everywhere. Some places have ample parking space that even cats take advantage of the extra space.

The cat in the picture below is showing us what to do in case the housing crisis gets too bad, because if you think the parking crisis is bad in Abu Dhabi then you haven’t seen the housing crisis!

6annesh ta3esh tanta3esh...5aleek cool


Finally landed in the Blogosphere!

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So I’ve finally landed in the blogosphere…



However, the real me is really hoping to slowly disappear into oblivion, so to my friends who’re reading this, I’d really appreciate it if you NOT use my real name in the comments or hint at anything that’s going on in my personal life.

To the others who are wondering what to expect here, expect just one thing; the unexpected insha’Allah. According to what I’ve been told, my notes take people through roller coaster rides. Some might make you laugh, others might make you tear up. Some might open your eyes to something new, while others are just there to activate your brain cells, and make you think differently about common things.

So buckle up, and enjoy the ride!


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