Take a Break from Looking at the Forest

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Let’s say you took the first step to actually realizing your dream. You quit your job to become an entrepreneur, but it’s not going well, financially. The most common advice you would get is, “Be patient. It will work out.” And then this dream you’re trying to achieve actually metamorphosizes into a nightmare. Too much stress. Things are not working out. Nobody is buying what you’re selling. All you want to scream, “Help!”

But nobody hears you.

The thing is, maybe you need to take a step back to reframe the whole situation. Maybe you’re currently looking at this idea as the million-dollar-idea that’s supposed to make you rich superquickly. What if you redefined it though? Called it “My First Failure”? Or maybe title it “At least I tried”.

When children take their first step, their parents do not expect them to run. They will fall. Yet a photograph or video usually commemorates the event. I remember a time when I was really frustrated about something. It took me a while to realize the source of my frustration;  my focus was all wrong. I was focused on results. I wanted results and I wanted them fast. The moment, I stopped focusing on the results (i.e. stopped looking at the forest), I was able to enjoy the individual trees for what they are and what they provided.

And maybe that’s the way you need to look at it occasionally. Of course, the big picture is important. If a project keeps on draining you towards bankruptcy, you would need to ‘look at the big picture’ and re-strategize or close it down and start something else. But when you’re done looking at the big picture, appreciate the individual trees. Learn from every interaction you have with the customer, or with the supplier. When it comes to business and entrepreneurship, I’ve learned it isn’t really about the products and the services one is selling as much as it is about the relationships one makes with their suppliers and customers (and maybe even competitors). So as long as you’re building on the relationships side, businesses that are financially struggling are not entirely a loss.

Though sometimes they are.

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Engineering Artists

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A lot of people ask how can engineers do creative things because following rules and adding one to one don’t exactly fall under the artistic criteria. However, in my life, I’ve met people who succeeded as engineers and as artists as well. Take Rana Ashour for example. RA graduated from AUS as a Civil Engineer with honors. Then she got a job as a structural engineer. Still left-side-of-the-brain related, right?

The academic system never allowed RA to explore the artistic side of herself since in school she never did any art work or anything. But come one time less than a year after graduation, and RA hit rock bottom for many personal reasons.So you can imagine how that felt; too much negative energy stored. Then one day while watching her sister draw portraits for her university project, she talked to her and decided to open a mini/home business on facebook. The project began as Ashour Gifts where she turned the negative energy into positive energy.

Since then the project’s been growing. A lot of friends and family members helped raise this project to where it has become now including Jihad Mnasria. The name has changed to Hadayaz and RA has made appearances in AUS alumni dinner and global day. What I personally like about Hadayaz is how simple and unique the ideas are. There’s “Butterfliez” an eye-catching tree full of memories. Also under the title “Milk-a-holicz,” a personalized baby book is created. Who would have thought of making a baby book for a baby?

Baby Book
Baby Book

More can be found on Hadayaz on the Facebook Group; “Hadayaz Ashour”


That’s my review for today.