On Snapchat and the Ephemeral

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I feel there are two types of people; those who understand snapchat and those who don’t. Before I start, let me admit that I fall under the latter category. I don’t understand what is it about the app that has captured the attention of so many young people. It also makes me wonder what affect it could have on people, especially the young.Would they translate their love for the ephemeral to real life? Does that mean that their fashion, friendships, and marriages would have a 24-hour expiry date? What would history mean to them? Would it encourage stalkers?
Or maybe this fascination with the ephemeral could be a good thing. They might refuse to be shackled by the cultural story their parents brainwashed them with. They might be able to bounce up quickly after every fall because that rejection was “soooo yesterday. They might get engaged into every moment of their life without being encumbered by pains from the past.

Or maybe, I’m overthinking all of this? What do you think about snapchat? Do you use it? Tweet me @ahechoes.

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