Kenya and Yemen breaking the news nowadays

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This is my third attempt at writing about this but I can’t seem to find the words. It’s been a horrible few weeks for a lot of people in the world, but it’s been especially horrible for Kemenies with links to both Kenya and Yemen. From the Garissa attacks in Kenya to the war in Yemen, one doesn’t know which country’s news to focus on.

I personally don’t know what to say about Kenyatta’s government. Since he became president and Kenya’s been reeling from one crisis to another. Some people say we should give him time, but seriously, people are sick and tired of the insecurity. So many families have been affected directly – and indirectly – by the continuous terrorist attacks in Kenya. I say indirectly, because families in the coastal regions of Mombasa and Malindi are especially hit hard due to the decline in tourism these couple of years, and this decline is a direct result of the deteriorating security.

As for Yemen, I have no idea how things got out of control….

I really have no words for what’s happening in the world right now. Allahu al musta3an.

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