Sometimes we’re scared

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Sometimes we’re scared of silence. We’re scared of silence because it amplifies the voices in our heads. The voices that whisper of a nostalgic past or an unknown future, of wings clipped by circumstances outside our control, of fears born out of ashes of disappointments. Sometimes the silence scares us and so we try to fight it. We cover ourselves in a shawl of busyness hoping the silence would go away but it doesn’t. Because it knows it’s important. It’s needed to let the truth within you emerge, and so it lurks in the backgrounds. Waits for you to switch off the beside lamp and then jumps at you with its best friend; the truth. The truth of who you are and what you are, when the lights all go out and you’re all alone with your thoughts. Scientists think we’re only starting to understand this big mystery called the Universe. Yet I realize there’s another big mystery we’re only beginning to understand -if at all- and that is ourselves.
Good night – or morning

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