Forging meaning out of moments

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You string moments together and forge meaning out of them

that laugh they share when all their hearts are aching,

the knowing glance he throws that blatantly says, “You know and I know you know,”

but nobody could say a word out loud,

the unexpected laugh that breaks the silence,

the sense of pride when he wins the race

even though he’s the oldest one there by at least a decade,

their gleeful cries as the foamy ocean waves chases them,

the jaw tightening with frustration as he grips the steering wheel

the moment of truth in the sea of lies,

the palpable silence after she asks a direct question…

They’re called Kodak moments. In this day and age, people overcapture life moments and overshare them on twitter and instagram but we don’t really capture the feeling evoked during these moments. In our rush to record, we fail to feel enough. We fail to pause and contemplate the significance of each moment. How it can take a human connection forward…or not. We fail to understand that all we need is to string moments together and forge meaning out of them.
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