Guest Blog: Being Confident

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This post was originally written by JJ from Castle of Words:

“Growing up we are taught to be proud of who we are, where we come from,etc. We are taught to sit up straight, walk with our head held up high and be confident. Of course being confident comes from with in, you have to be happy with yourself to be confident.

But now a days I have noticed that people confuse between being confident and being conceited.

My definition of confident is being smart, being proud of who you are and being content with everything about you. While being conceited is using pride to put people down and treating them with No respect.

So you could be proud of who you are but if you think you are better then others and treat with disrespect, you are not. How you see others or compare yourself with others will make you confident or conceited.

So in the end …..

Be a confident lady or gentleman but never see others beneath you! Never let your pride ruin friendships. relationships and especially not your marriage. Be content with who you are without comparing yourself with others.”


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