Month: June 2014


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As you grow older you tend to appreciate the beauty of silence. Silence so deep that the only thing you can hear are your thoughts, and the occasional birdsong outside the window. Silence, as a response to questions you can’t start to fathom, let alone find words to express your opinions about them; like what has the world come to. At least by being silent, you are not adding to the sound pollution, even though you know that sound pollution is not the world’s biggest problem right now, but at least you’re making a contribution somehow.
“I don’t know what to say.” Has become your default because you really don’t know what to say. You can cry out and yell and try to say something but if nobody is listening, what’s the point? And if people do listen but nobody is willing to understand, what’s the point? Or if people do listen and do understand but what you say doesn’t change anything, then what’s the point?
So resort to silence.
Because sometimes, silence is the best answer you can give.



Guest Blog: Being Confident

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This post was originally written by JJ from Castle of Words:

“Growing up we are taught to be proud of who we are, where we come from,etc. We are taught to sit up straight, walk with our head held up high and be confident. Of course being confident comes from with in, you have to be happy with yourself to be confident.

But now a days I have noticed that people confuse between being confident and being conceited.

My definition of confident is being smart, being proud of who you are and being content with everything about you. While being conceited is using pride to put people down and treating them with No respect.

So you could be proud of who you are but if you think you are better then others and treat with disrespect, you are not. How you see others or compare yourself with others will make you confident or conceited.

So in the end …..

Be a confident lady or gentleman but never see others beneath you! Never let your pride ruin friendships. relationships and especially not your marriage. Be content with who you are without comparing yourself with others.”


What do you focus on?

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I took this picture in Mombasa some years back from the inside of a tuktuk (explains why it’s skewed). Every time I see it, I find myself asking, “What do you focus on?”

Do you focus on the rainbow at the top-left corner? Or the garbage at the bottom-right corner?

In life, what do you focus on? Do you focus on the victories or the triumphs? On the happy moments or the sad ones? On the positive thoughts or the negative thoughts? Ask yourself that question, “What do you focus on?”

Bring Your Own Sunshine

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There are times when we think our happiness is dependent on other people. If only “other people” would show up more in our lives, or show their approval of us or just make us laugh then we will be happy. But you can’t really control “other people”, what they do and what they don’t. It really isn’t their job to make you happy. Unless you signed them to a contract and you’re paying them to make you happy. You’re responsible for your own happiness so as the quote by Anthony D’Angelo goes, “Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”


About the image: This is my favorite image from JJ’s blog, “Castle of Words” taken from, “Photoblog: Sunrise at Tiwi“. In the midst of trillions of words published online, somehow JJ found my blog and not only did she follow it, but she was also inspired to start her own blog. Now, I have to admit that the student has surpassed the teacher. With all the different forms of JJ’s creative expression (especially the images taken of beautiful Kenya), I find it really amazing to watch JJ’s journey unfold.