Of Graduations and Goodbyes

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It’s graduation season again and a lot of students are already saying their goodbyes. So one of my friends passed by looking really depressed because their best friend was about to leave. “I’m happy for them but still, I don’t know what I’ll do without them.”

I find myself well-suited to advice on this simply because it’s been a recurring theme in my life so here I was dishing out words wisdom;

1) It’s going to be hard at first but you’ll eventually get used to it. The space they leave in your life will fill up, and sometimes you’ll feel like the replacement is better than the person who has left. Of course, how soon you bounce back would depend on you as a person. Some people are more adaptable than others.

2) You need to realize that not everybody is meant to be in our lives forever. Some people’s role is just to transit through our lives and teach us something, and then they move on. So what matters is what part of themselves that we hang onto. 

3) The worse enemies you can make are your ex-best friends, simply because they know so much about you. So, sometimes it’s better for an amicable separation to take place because you never know, maybe if you had stayed together for longer, your relationship would just erode and become a huge source of negativity in your life. And you can’t say that “We would never be like that,” because seriously, you never know what circumstances could happen that would pull you apart.

I personally find comfort in the last idea. Of course, it’s an adaption technique that usually could not be verified. But as long as it works…

So I guess that’s today’s food for thought. Leave your comments below and tell me how do you deal with goodbyes?

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