Fix a BRT Lane for your days

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Once my brother explained to me a story about how some town or city wanted to clear a lane to allow a Bus Rapid Transit system. However most of the roads were already so jammed that it didn’t make sense to one of the officials to clear an entire lane for the BRT, so they suggested to give the BRT planners a lane in one of those areas that didn’t suffer from so much traffic. Which totally misses the point, because the whole point of a BRT system was to help clear the traffic jams.

For some reason I remembered the story today when I was reading about how everybody should take some time everyday to plan out their day and write down what they need to get done. Some people might say, “We’re so busy, we don’t have time to waste on something like planning for the day and reviewing whether or not we’ve achieved whatever tasks we set out to achieve.” Some might claim that it’s better to do such things on days when they have less things to do and are more free. But the whole point of to-do lists and a proper planning system is to help clear the traffic jam of your day, prioritize to make you see what tasks are most important for the day and which ones can be ignored later, so you can easily breeze through the day the way a bus breezes down a BRT Lane.

So how do you plan for the day? What system do you like to use? Simple to-do lists on post-it notes or daily planner? Write down your comments in the comments section below…

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One thought on “Fix a BRT Lane for your days

    SHS said:
    May 15, 2014 at 8:34 am

    Very true…..sometimes you need to sacrifice your time to plan and gain in the long-term

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