Day: May 13, 2014

Silhouette Moments

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We go through moments in life that appear dark. Nothing is clear and the sadness and uncertainty of it all threatens to stifle us. But what if we choose to believe that this darkness is nothing but a silhouette? A form that appears dark only because it is standing against a source of light? A source of light we don’t really perceive even though it’s ironic because its presence is the sole reason the dark silhouette exists in the first place? What if the light was there and we could see it if only we stopped focusing so much on the darkness and shifted our focus instead to the light that?
What if we internalize the idea that every moment we take a step forward, we are giving time for the light to shift so things would clear up and we could see the moment for what it really is; a lesson in disguise, a test of character or simply, a moment of growth? What if the uncertainty was an opportunity for extended hope, because certainty could catch us at a time when we’re ill-prepared to face it and the result might actually crush us?
So study your troubled moments and hang on to the hope that they might just silhouette moments, that the light is somewhere, behind them….