Of Failed Attempts at Capturing Sunsets

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Yesterday’s sunset was especially beautiful. Maybe it’s because I took a break from my screen to actually notice it. But  then I tried to capture it using my iphone, but the image never really matched the beauty I saw with my eyes. After multiple attempts at playing with the image using Snapseed, the best I could get was this…
photo 2

Which made me think of something my friend once said about how today’s technology-savvy people need to stop experience things through the lens of their cameras and smartphones. The experience is never the same. As mentioned in the last post, you have that distortion thing and this time it’s because you decide to let your phone’s sensors do what your own senses are supposed to do. And that leads to the experience’s degradation.

So here’s a question for you; is your first instinct capturing the image or living the experience fully? Leave your response in the comments section below.


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