Freewrite when you’re feeling uninspired

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I was feeling uninspired yesterday. I was working on my WIP (Work in Progress) – a manuscript called Pearls of Tears – and I felt like I had hit a wall, so I opened my dormant account and started writing about nothing in particular. To be more exact this is what I typed, “I feel as though I am sorta stuck and I wish I can take this brain of mine and tip it over and empty it from all the garbage inside. Do you think the sugar rush is what is bothering me?”

Then I kept on writing for 341 words, and suddenly, the process jerked an idea out of my brain that I could use in my WIP, and I opened the document and discarded what I have been rambling about on my page.

The most amazing thing about free writing is how simple its rule is; just keep on writing for five to ten minutes. Even if what you wrote doesn’t make sense, do not stop writing. Do not switch on the internet and google the spelling or meaning of a word. Even if you think up a new way of wording the same sentence, put it in the next line and do not delete the first one. In other words, place an imaginary door over the backspace key and make it in accessible.

The whole point is to brainstorm lots of ideas and mute your inner critic in the process. You might want to do it online on or an email you send to yourself, or you can use pen and paper, it doesn’t matter as long as you make the sentences you write try to keep up with the thoughts in your brain.

Happy writing!


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