Day: December 13, 2012

Wavy blue

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The thing with us writers is sometimes, some thing bugs us – a phrase, an image, a scene -and we find ourselves agitated and unable to relax until we have attempted to explore that thing, in writing of course.
What’s bugging me as I write this is the phrase “wavy blue”. It could be a background for Microsoft PowerPoint but it also makes me think of the sea. The days I would sit on the fence of Fort Jesus (MSA) and read or the days I would be driven along the road that locals call “Lighthouse”(MSA) or the winter days I would take a walk along the corniche. I enjoyed the sight of blue water glistening under the sun like someone had thrown a thousand diamonds in there, and the lulling sounds of the waves as they suicidally rolled over the ocean only to crash at the rocks. The thing is I’ve always lived by some body of water. That was why it came as a surprise when I discovered that Nairobi had no corniche-like, lighthouse-like place for people to hang out in. I was so used to having water around that being inland was an alien concept.
But “wavy blue” also reminds me of my current state of mind “feeling blue”. The reason is silly – I was going to get a gadget I’ve always wanted as a gift but now one person pulled out and the deal got cancelled. What’s worse is they told me about their intention, I.e. They raised my expectations. And even after cancellation I sat and imagined, “Maybe they told me it’s cancelled because they want it to be a surprise.” (That raised my expectations even more).
But no it was cancelled. For good, and I’m feeling the bitterness of disappointment now that my expectations have taken the dive. I extrapolated the idea to learn that people are always full of talk.When it comes to walking the talk, they disperse like cockroaches that had been enjoying the dark only to have the lights switched on full force.
I guess that’s it for today.