Day: December 11, 2012

Just Checkin’

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It is known that in general, girls tend to be more emotional than guys. Actually, some guys have what Hermione Granger would call “the emotional range of a teaspoon” so they can be pretty insensitive to what girls  feel. It partially explains why guys have a higher tendency to play girls than the other way round. They exploit the fact that girls would believe the three-word lies they throw, and then when confronted the guy could say, “Why do girls take everything seriously?”

Well, why do guys turn everything into a game?

One thing I personally like about engineering is how sometimes when you’re given  a problem to solve, you would also be given “another way to check your solution is correct.” So while answering a problem some people end it with a “Check” section, where they take the other method and confirm their answer is correct without having to go through all the steps of their calculations. The purpose of the “Check” section is to help you zoom out and look at the big picture, look at your overall answer, and try to figure out,”Does it make sense?”

So if we’re going to put the two ideas together, girls sometimes need to dissociate themselves from the emotions that drive their actions, and look at something with a level head and an objective mind, “Does it make sense? Is it logical?” Sometimes time would help with the dissociation process but not always. Sometimes the girl will remain biased as long as she is in the situation, which is where family and friends come in. They can sometimes provide a non-biased overview of the whole situation, remove the girl’s rosy shades, and let her look at the situation in all its beautiful – and ugly – colors.

So in other words, we sometimes need a “Check” section while facing the problems in our lives, where a third party provides input and answers questions such as, “Does it make sense? It is logical? How can I know?”

And this note is what happens when I am supposed to be studying for a final exam tomorrow.

Idea that inspired the post
Idea that inspired the post