Day: December 8, 2012

Good-mood-bolstering Factors in Life

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As engineers, we are always taught to multiply the values we get for our designs by a safety factor While we are taught to optimize the design for a given set of parameters, the safety factor is needed just in case the set parameters change, so the safety factor accounts for the change. The other day, as yet another professor spoke about multiplying or adding a safety factor, I found myself wondering, why don’t we incorporate a similar factor for our attitudes in life?
This attitude-enhancing factor could take various forms,
1. It could consist of a small “happy memories” journal that we refer ourselves to when things go bad and we face challenges. It could remind us that we have had better days and that whatever bad situation we are in is just temporary.

2. The factor could come in the form of a support group of family and friends we can open our hearts to when life hits us hard or when we need advice or when we just need someone to sit with in silence; people who love us unconditionally when nobody else seems to care.

3. Remembering Allah (SWT) at times of ease. As the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Whoever is pleased that Allah answers his prayers during hardships and difficulties let him make much supplication during times of ease.” – (at‐Tirmidhi)
قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم : ( من سره أن يستجيب الله له عند الشدائد
والكُرَب فليكثر الدعاء في الرخاء ) رواه الترمذي 

The problem with us is we treat life as though it is going to stay the same when changes are inevitable, challenges are inevitable and the pain associated with hardships are inevitable. So why don’t we have a factor to bolster our good attitude at all times?

Something for you to think about….