On Perception

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Someone once said, “An attempt to run away from your past is only an attempt to run away from yourself because your past has helped mold you.”

Some people living abroad might be scared of returning back home because no matter how much they change, the people they left behind don’t want to see past their past selves.

No matter how much one tries to prove that they’ve changed, their past reputation doesn’t stop sticking to them like a shadow during the day.

So in reality, “who we are” really becomes a matter of perception. The book I spoke about earlier (“Quiet; The Power of Introverts in A World that Won’t Stop Talking”) spoke about the transformation of society from focusing on building character (or who we are in private) to building personality (or how others perceive us).

But then that raises the question, If personality consists of how others perceive us, how true would it be?

In Literature classes they teach you that there are many interpretations of even the shortest stories.

Yet some people read the actions of other people and make up a certain truth about them based on their own personal experiences and then take that pre-conceived notion as The Real Deal. And I wish they stop at that. They don’t just keep The Real Deal to themselves but go around spreading it. And when you try telling them that they could have misinterpreted the situation, you’re seen as the stupid one.

Another thing worth mentioning is how The Real Deal is sometimes based on stereotypes that are extrapolated from bits of information that’s highly amplified.

So before you impose your personal experiences on how you perceive someone else, keep in mind that they could be doing the same.

“Truth is a battle of perceptions, people only see what they are prepared to confront. Its not what you look at that matters but what you see. And when different perceptions battle against one another the truth has a way of getting lost and the monsters find a way of getting out” – Emily Thorn


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