Month: February 2011

Thinking About Them

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I find myself thinking about them, friends who’ve disappeared in the pages of history. How many of them are happy? How many of them are just faking it? Wearing their smile like pieces of accessories, taking it off when they reach home? How many changes have they seen since we parted? Would we cross paths again or is this it? Are the memories that we may preserve the last of what we have of each other?

I find myself thinking about them, people whom I didn’t really like. Sometimes I wish I can forgot the words of those who hurt but flipping back the pages of history I can’t help but recall, every word, every syllable, every look and every gesture. I wonder where they’re at, and did they find someone to hurt them the way they hurt others?

I find myself thinking about them, nostalgic about the days of yesterday, when it was much easier to say sorry, when goodbye meant see you tomorrow, and take care actually meant take care of yourself, when the biggest loss was losing a sock, when the biggest gain was a teddy bear.

Don’t you wish we can go back to having feelings so pure?

Spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart. ~Author Unknown

P.S. To justify my excessive blogging these few days – I have an exam on Wednesday en sha Allah and blogging happens to be my perfect de-stressing tool.


Dare To Begin

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Let’s say a writer decides to stare at a white paper for hours and then decide that they have writer’s blocks, so they can’t start.

Let’s say a basketball player had the ball in his hand but was so terrified of losing that they didn’t attempt to shoot at the hoop, and threw the ball, instead, at someone else.

Let’s say a child takes his first step, then falls and cries. What if the child never attempts to stand up again because he’s afraid to get hurt again?

But do children do that? No, they stand up everytime they fall because they know that it’s part of the learning process.

So maybe we need to face our fears in the face, and throw that ball, write those words, or take a stand. Because if we don’t do it now, when will we do it? Look at your life and search for that one thing that you’ve always been procrastinating, hoping you’ll begin one day, when you have enough time, and make a decision to just jump right in, and dare to begin.

Today’s quotes

Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion.  You must set yourself on fire.  ~Arnold H. Glasow

“don’t ever let somebody tell you
you can’t do something
not even me
you got a dream
you gotta protect it
people can’t do something themselves
they wanna tell you you can’t do it
if you want something
go get it, period.”

from Chris Gardner
The Pursuit Of Happyness

If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.  ~J.M. Power


A Small Thinking Game

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Let’s play a little game. I’m not spoonfeeding you anything today, but will give you something to think about and discuss in the comments below.

WARNING: If you are not used to thinking then stop reading right now

Professor: “I know I would have been happier if I grew up to be a painter.”
Boy: “Then why didn’t you become a painter?”
Professor: “Well, I came from a practical family, and was raised to work hard in whatever I do, went through school, worked hard and ended up a professor.”
Boy: “So do you have any regrets?”
Professor: “Not really. When you sacrifice what makes you happy to benefit others, this sacrifice will become your new source of joy.”
Do you agree or disagree?


Saturation Limit

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So I was trying to read into some multiphase flow in porous medium stuff, and I read the word “saturation” so much that I feel saturated myself. So the other day my friend and I were discussing; why is studying boring? I mean, seriously, I love reading and knowing stuff but books are written in such an unfascinating way that they might be used as medication for insomnia. It’s like there are some topics that might be interesting, or have the potential to be interesting, but they always come in the wrong package.

Why can’t someone make an animated movie out of engineering courses, where there’s funny dialogue intermixed with useful knowledge?

For instance, I was reading on a phenomenon called imbibition. The text stated that imbibition is the displacement of a non-wetting fluid by a wetting fluid…yada..yada…yada…just jeebuha min ila5er and tell us that there’s an easier way to remember imbibition;

Then there were two sentences that went like; a) when wetting fluid intrudes into pore space saturated with non-wetting fluid, it occupies the smaller pore spaces first.

b) When pressure is released from a porous media saturated with non-wetting fluid, it will first leave the smaller pores first.

Yada…yada…yada…conclusion; non-wetting hates – abhors, despises – small pores and will find anyway to get out of them.

Okay, this is too technical, but I’m truly saturated and needed a venting break.


Quote of the Day

“I know what I should love to do–to build a study; to write, and to think of nothing else. I want to bury myself in a den of books. I want to saturate myself with the elements of which they are made, and breathe their atmosphere until I am of it. Not a bookworm, being which is to give off no utterances; but a man in the world of writing–one with a pen that shall stop men to listen to it, whether they wish to or not.” – Lew Wallace

Funny this quote has the word “saturate” as well 😛