Month: November 2010

The Rain

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As the pools of water formed on the floor, they reflected the library lights and shadows. I was awed as I stared at the shivering lights and shadows, as though the rain drops were invisible fingers playing the yellow and black keys of a piano, the music being the rain’s pattering.

The cool breeze was refreshing and the scene was one that made you turn your attention away from the distractions of life. It was one to make you stare and wonder…

Can the rain wash away the pain in your heart?

Can the wind carry away your worries and cast them so far away?

No matter how bad your day had been, can the scene make you forget all the miseries of your life, and plant the seed of hope again?

Can you lose yourself in that one moment?

One moment that takes your breath away.


Small Words, Large Impact

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Once upon a time a girl was sitting on the main stairs of a university campus with her brother. It was already night time, and she was exhausted, but she knew that after her brother left, she’d have to go back to campus and get back to work. There were so many papers due the next day, and she was upset because not only did she not know how she could finish everything on time, but she didn’t even know where to start.

His advice?

“Ista3eeni bi Allah.” (ask Allah for help)

He could have delayed going home that day. He could have stayed back to help her. But no. He did something better. When the cab came, he left. He left her with those words…

“Ista3eeni bi Allah.”

Sometimes people don’t realize how the smallest reminders could make the biggest difference in their lives. If you are going through a difficult time, don’t go to people with your problems, for some of them don’t care, others will try to convince you how bigger their problems are, and there are those who might be glad you’ve got them. Instead, just turn to Allah with a sincere du’aa wa Allahu almusta3an. And this is today’s small reminder.

Excerpt from “Whispers From A Brother”

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Definition Of Hope

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“A lot of times we find ourselves in the midst of a whirling storm of hurt, and no matter how hard we try to think positively about it, we just can’t, because some feelings hurt especially if we allow ourselves to feel in the first place.
Why can’t there be a gate to block these feelings out?
Simply because they emerge from deep within.
Then why can’t there be a hole where these feelings can be buried in and never be seen again?
Simply because we are human.

So what is it that some people do to deal with the situation? Some sink deep into themselves, wrap themselves in their own world, like a snail curling up inside its shell, and try to nurture their hurt, and balm their pain in hopes of feeling better. Maybe they try to distract themselves but things keep on happening that reminds them of their pain, and it’s like trying to climb out of a hole; the harder they try to climb out, the deeper they sink in.

But then something happens.

A door squeaks open in the dark.

Light slants in.

In the form of a person, or a voice, or a dream, or words drawn in the middle of the air…

Something always happens.

And from a child’s laughter, joy crosses over if they learn to listen. On endless green fields, gratitude fills voids if they learn to forgive. In the driver’s seat, a scene starts a smile if they learn to watch. On the back of a horse, control is restored if they learn to trust. A seed grows into a plant, if they learn to be patient. In the middle of a forest’s clearing, their breath is taken away, if they learn to look up. And on a boat at sea, peace engulfs them if they learn to believe.

And that’s the definition of hope.” – Excerpt from “Whispers From A Brother”- another fiction piece I was supposed to be working on


No Second Chances

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Sometimes there’s no next time, no time outs, no second chances. It’s now or never. Sometimes you need to take the leap of faith into the unknown and see what happens…

Five seconds left till the end of the game. The basketball is in your hands. The basketball hoop is right in front of you. The audience goes quiet. All eyes are on you. Other players are jumping around you but you can’t see them. Your eyes are so focused on the hoop. You can feel the pressure, a chunk of heavy solid in your chest. You can barely breathe. You can hear the blood throbbing loudly in your ears. You shoot the ball… it arches above everyone’s head…heading towards the hoop….

In life we go through similar situations, where we wish we can go back, but the only way we can go is forward, whether we win or lose, there’s no way back. We have to pull the trigger, and make a decision, whatever it is…

A decisive moment. A moment that can change the course of your life forever…

A relative once related how she experienced it when she was getting married, and she was asked if she accepted the guy who had proposed. The word, “No,” was at the tip of her tongue, but she couldn’t say it. Maybe she thought of her family and his. Maybe she thought of the consequences of the word. What came out eventually was a “yes”. She pulled the trigger and it changed her life forever.

Others experience it in their moment of Hidaya from Allah (Subhaanahu wa ta3ala), and this story describes it perfectly…

So remember sometimes there’s no next time, no time outs, no second chances. It’s now or never…