*Fluid exam tomorrow *Scream*

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So tomorrow I have the fluid mechanics midterm. That explains why I jumped into the car and went on an aimless drive around khalifa city, trying to relieve stress from thinking about shear stress and the strain tensor.
I am worried abt tomorrow’s midterm cz there’s no final and the rest of the grades will be distributed among assignments and project. Ilmohem im not panicking though cz ever since I was a kid my uneducated mom taught me the best recipe for preparing for an exam…on exam day, pray two extra rakaas before your exam and make duaa. Very simple. They don’t teach us that in school…
Besides if we really think about it, the exam paper is just a paper that we fill, hand in and when it comes back to us, it comes back COLORED….
If only things were that simple.
My mom didn’t get an education thanks to the Yemeni philosophy of not educating girls. I never understood that…maybe they think that educated become too independent and out-of-control…my dad thought differently though, and the result is me…but truth be told, my standards were set higher than my brothers…I had to do exceptionally well in school if I were to go to an expensive university like AUS…my brothers were going to be educated regardless because they were guys but the standards were different for me…
And when I was getting frustrated with my job and was telling my dad that I was going to quit and reapply back to grad school, he said,”now you know why Yemeni fathers don’t educate their girls.” He really wanted me to keep the job for financial reasons but it’s not like I’m starving in grad school…
Then the day he said, “It’s illogical for a person to leave a corporate job for a stipend…”
And of course i told him, “can u say that again because one day I’m going to quote you…”
A part of me wants to write a book on my dad titled, “Dreams from my father,” “Conversations We Never Had” or “The Trip Home…”
Cz I realize that every step in my life is taking me closer and closer home, but I don’t quite reach…it’s like an asymptote…from Sharjah to Dubai to samha to khalifa city…I’m getting closer…
So why “Conversations we never had.”?
Cz when I was a kid I never understood why our education was so important to my dad. My dad didnt know that i wasnt benefitting much from the school system because i studied on my own at home. The school system was there just for me to socialize and the exams
Of course… But actually sitting and paying attention to teachers was not always a priority…i used to be one of those students who bunked classes everytime i felt like it…and I only got away with it because I was above most school rules and regulations…I.e. Teachers knew to leave me alone and not bother me…
But then years later i got my lovely job and finally understood.
I felt history was
repeating itself in the sense that society didnt respect my father cz he didn’t have a degree and so he got stuck in his job for years and couldn’t become a manager because of that one piece of paper. The same way that my colleagues didn’t respect me because I was a female trainee…my dad’s office diary was empty because he didn’t have that many important meetings to attend to just like my office diary remained empty for the time I was in my job. And I felt what my dad felt, he felt that his job in the office was not important cz thats exactly what I was feeling…but his job was important to us, because he was my father. And I realized I could stay quiet and accept the stupidity at work or forget about the money and go back to school.
Just a few days back my dad actually came to me and honestly said, “I really respect your leaving your job for school.”
And I thought, finally, though he was the one who was against the move the most..
Once I frankly told him, “You know dad, coming to think about it, you’re the one who wanted to be a manager. This job is your dream. Not mine.”
I didn’t study to make money for anyone. I was in the game for the knowledge itself…
And that explains the “Dreams from my father” title..
I guess the time has come for me to formulate my own dreams…

That’s it for today…enough wasting time And back to fluid mechanics…


3 thoughts on “*Fluid exam tomorrow *Scream*

    cc said:
    October 30, 2010 at 1:02 pm

    haha nice long thinking be4 fluid mechanics
    gd luck dudette ;P

    reem said:
    October 30, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    biltawfee2 sweetie…im working on a huge paper due tonight…so we’re at the stress together…tawakalee, inshaa Allah ‘7ayr 🙂

    mariam said:
    October 31, 2010 at 11:50 am

    Interesting note!!! success dear,insha’llah biltawfeq…

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