Month: August 2010

Ramadan Kareem

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Ramadan is here alhamdullilah, and the time has come for us to turn a new page, and return to Allah (SWT) with sincere ibadat.



Pakistan Floods 2010

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As we are preparing for Ramadan let’s not forget our brothers and sisters in Pakistan whose lives have been shattered by the floods. A lot of people are displaced after houses collapsed. Over 3.2 million people have been affected.

Donations can be made through local charity organizations. In addition to that, online donations can be made through the following charity website.

Also, based on the UN recommendations the following items are required urgently
Food: (Non perishable items)

Rice, lentils (red kidney beans) pulses and other grains
Nuts/dry-fruits in packets
Cooking oil
Tea/sugar/dried milk/hi energy biscuits

Water purifying tablets
Antiseptic creams
Anti malarial
Treatment of typhoid
Treatment of cholera
Treatment of infection –
Respiratory tract
Urinary tract
Painkillers – Paracetamol, bruffen, voltaren, buscopan, panadol, adol, Disprin, Septran, Ponstan
Anti diarrhea
Anti EMETICS (vomiting)
Antibiotics – Amoxillin, Augmentine, actified
Cough syrup/tablets
Glucose, multivitamins, oral rehydration solutions


Collections of the first shipment will be made at The Shelter from August 7th till August 14th from 9am till 10pm. Packing of the donations will commence on the Friday 13th – Saturday 14th. The Shelter is located Al Quoz near Mall of the Emirates. Please find the map of the location at the following link:

Additionally, a Facebook group that’s meant for spreading IT awareness to Pakistanis have put together teams to reach out for the people who need help in Pakistan.

They have people in the UAE, and for more details on how to provide assistance, you can email;

Finally, let’s not forget them and other Muslims worldwide in our duaas. Feel free to share.