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One of my friends suggested that I write a note on the typical characters one would find at work. Before that, however, I thought I would repost an old note on typical characters one would find in engineering classes. These characters were drawn for illustrative purposes only, which means that some students might fall under more than one category.

1. The Nerd. This student does not need to be introduced as he seems to be the star of engineering. Common characteristics include glasses, pencil case, a backpack and the like…you get the picture.

2. Mr. My–favorite–alphabet–is–zzzz. This student is forced to come to class by forces that range from external – parents – to internal – avoiding a guilty conscience. The secret combination to reveal this student is to put 8 o’clock, power point presentation and lights off together in a single class. Back in the old days, this student used to sit at the back of the class, behind the most horizontally gifted (or the not – so – thin) student and put his head on the desk. Nowadays, you can spot him in the very first row with his chin propped up on his hand. Frankly speaking, if it were not for his closed eyes, his sitting posture can actually fool someone into believing he was interested. One important accessory to this person is his shades. Teddy bears (nice fluffy pencil case), pillows (backpack), and blanket (lab coat) are always a plus. 

3. Mr. Alice–in–wonderland. The moment the white screen is pulled down over the white board, this student’s mind has jumped on a red carpet to Lala world. A question posed by a professor might have him crash–land back to Earth as he looks around the class silently pleading with anybody who knows the answer to actually answer the question because he’s so lost in the course that the only thing he knows is what course he is actually registered in – or maybe not.

4. Ms. Cup-of-coffee-in-hand. You expect this student to be the most alert because she’s got a cup of coffee in her hand, right? Wrong. The coffee is just there for heat transfer purposes as some engineering classrooms happen to be so cold.

5.Mademoiselles we–are–out–on–a–picnic. These students have their breakfast right there in class. The monotonous lecture may be interrupted by munching and slurping, and if the professor is lucky enough, he might actually get something.

6. Ms. Techno -savvy. This one is the one who pretends to be taking notes on the laptop just to be discovered facebooking their classtime away. A tip for this student; the tapping gets pretty annoying especially for students from the second category.

7. Mr. Time-manager. This one is seen solving next class’s homework. They seem to have learnt lesson number one in time management; prioritize!

8. Last but not least, Ms. Scribbler. This one is my favorite. The professor stops writing notes on the board but this one is still scribbling in their notebook. They seem to measure the bori–tude* of a class by the number of pages written during class. Their imagination train spurts sparks from the speed at which they move, fuelled by boring classes. The best thing about this student is that the professor mistakes them for hard– working students because of the voluminous notes they seem to be taking during class. Needless to say, the notes have nothing to do with the course subject but it might appear on the next issue of the Leopards – or coming to think about it, maybe this one.

Bori–tide: AH terminology coined to mean ‘how boring something is.’

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2 thoughts on “Students Classified

    mariamjarwan said:
    March 24, 2010 at 7:41 am

    interesting…you got ths dramatic way of thinking that tend to capture ma attention!!! haha… that ws niiiice.

    Work Colleagues Classified « A Heart's Echoes said:
    March 31, 2010 at 4:26 pm

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