Crumbling Up

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Sometimes you find yourself surrounded by terrible events. Maybe your friends have deserted you, or your family has shunned you, maybe you’re financially and emotionally broke, and maybe all of the above happened all at once. People normally refer to their life as “crumbling down” all around them. But for some people, a different view could be taken and things would be “crumbling up” sort of like the video below. 

The thing is, people react to such events differently. Some people react to severed relationships by building a thick wall around them, so that they don’t get hurt again. It’s well known that if you don’t want to get hurt then stop caring too much. While these people might be viewed as cold but never judge them because they’re just reacting to circumstances and doing the best that they could do with what was given to them. So once those thick walls are built around them so they lock themselves in a fortress devoid of any warm human connection, the act itself is like a wall “crumbling up.”

Some people rise above the experience and use it to make themselves better people. It’s like the case of a person who owns a wooden kiosk, and it falls down in flames caused by an arsonist. Then he ends up winning enough money in a legal case to build himself a kiosk out of steel the next time around. So in other words, though his kiosk had “crumbled down” initially, the final results is that of a kiosk “crumbling up”.

It’s like that quote; “sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

P.S. I’m publishing this without editing it so please alert me if there are any typos.

2 thoughts on “Crumbling Up

    Rashid Al Gaoud said:
    April 8, 2012 at 8:51 pm

    The way people react is a personality thing. We like our safe walls :)
    Fooled me once shame on you, fooled me twice shame on me.

    [...] sometimes we think our lives may be crumbling down around us when in reality it’s just “Crumbling Up.” There was also a post on zoning out and where I go in “This is where I go, when I [...]

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